Submitting Records

Lincoln County NMGenWeb accepts many types of records but our preference is transcriptions of original materials. We can also use ancestral information, old photos, cemetery catalogs, obituaries, biographies, and histories. If you find something not in these categories, just ask. If it has a genealogical or historical value, I'd love to have it.

If you would like to catalog cemeteries or transcribe original records and don't know how to get started, I can provide some helpful information.

You can send items to me via email or by postal mail. Send a message describing what you have and that you need to send it via mail and I'll send my mailing address. I also have a DropBox account for large submissions such as cemetery photos.

If you use the DropBox folder, please put multiple items into their own folder. If the file is a photo, please include a note to describe it. This link is in the "testing phase"; if it's abused, I'll have to remove it.