Brady & Hindman Graves

Lincoln, New Mexico
Lat/Lon 33.4501100 -105.3311000

Brady, Capt William J. Aug. 16, 1829 - Apr. 1, 1878
Hindman, George unknown - Apr. 1, 1878
from Wikipedia:
William J. Brady (August 16, 1829 April 1, 1878) was the sheriff of Lincoln County during the Lincoln County Wars in New Mexico, United States. He was killed in an ambush, aged 48, in which Billy the Kid took part.
from Wikipedia:
George W. Hindman (died April 1, 1878) was a 19th-century American cowboy and law enforcement officer serving as a deputy sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico during the early months of the Lincoln County War. He was one of several men who murdered rancher John Tunstall and later hunted down by Billy the Kid and Lincoln County Regulators.